Studio Practise Sessions

We teamed up with another group (Jonny and Luke) to practise our miking techniques and to get used to using the mixing console and other pieces of important equipment in the studio. We split the sessions in half to give each group time in the control room.

Session One – Basement 1 (11/2/15)

Recorded: Drums and electric guitars

Microphones: SM58, SM57, Beta 57, Sennheiser MD 421 (x2), AKG D112

Problems: We got a little lost when trying to figure out how to play a track through the headphones, after some adjustments on the desk, the problem was soon solved. The guitar also sounded a bit weak, this was probably down to microphone placement.

Session Two -Basement 2 (17/2/15)

PhotoGrid_1424794439628 PhotoGrid_1424794242499

Recorded: Drums, Electric Guitars, Vocals and Backing Vocals.

Microphones: U87, Sontronics Orpheus, AKG C414 (x2), Sontronics STC 1S (x2), DPA 4090 (x2), AKG C480 (x2), SM58, SM57, Beta 57, Sennheiser MD 421 (x2), AKG D112.

We got things working fairly quickly and only encountered a few issues, such as getting talkback to work and not being able to get signal from one channel. After realising our mistakes all problems were solved. Our techniques were much more productive during this session.

Session 3 -EFS Delta and Charlie (24/2/15)


We created an acoustic version of ‘Old Yellow Bricks’ using acoustic guitars and -as there were no drums- a table, the floor, the wooden panels and clapping as percussion. We stereo miked the guitar in a few different ways (including the format shown in the 1st picture above) and achieved some successful recordings.

Joe and Rosie


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