Recording Session 2: Guitars -27/2/15

We used two different recording techniques for the guitars; our first guitarist was in the control room with us and we used a Direct Input (DI) to record the amp, our second guitarist played in the live room. We also recorded the amplifiers in two different rooms to create a unique sound for each guitar.
We decided to experiment with the rooms and started off by placing an Orange Tiny Terror amplifier in the big live room. The sound was too hollow and empty so we placed it inside the vocal booth and experimented with the amp and microphone placement, also opening and closing the door to see the difference. We found that placing the amp to one side of the room with the microphones placed in front and above it and the door open gave us a strong, almost boomy sound.
PhotoGrid_1426622113175   PhotoGrid_1426622271742
We then moved on to finding an ambient, lighter sound which is a key feature of the chorus of Old Yellow Bricks. We moved back into the big live room and used a Marshall AVT100X. We close miked the amp and also added two ambient room mics to capture the natural reverb of the room.
PhotoGrid_1426622189078   PhotoGrid_1426622226499
  • Luke Guitar Amp – SM57
  • Luke Guitar Amp – U87
  • Luke Guitar Room Left -Sontronics STC1S
  • Luke Guitar Room Right – Sontroncis STC1S
  • Jonny Guitar Room Left – DPA 4090
  • Jonny Guitar Room Right – DPA 4090
  • Jonny Guitar Amp – U87
  • Jonny Guitar Amp – Shure Beta 57A
We experimented with different techniques in this session and were more creative with our ideas. We used our research for initial help, but found that changing and moving the microphones gave us more of an idea of how to produce a suitable sound and to use our ears, not just rely on basic methods. Our knowledge of the desk has also improved and we are able to solve and understand our own problems.
We need to work on using DI units in the studio so we do not spend as much time trying to get it working.

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