Recording Session 4: Vocals -16/3/15

We had booked out Basement 3 to record our vocals and backing vocals. It was the first time we had been in there and got completely stuck when nothing would turn on -we didn’t realise that the power supply was locked, thankfully the technician helped us out.

We experimented with 4 microphones: SM58, Orpheus, U87 and a RE20. The U87 and Orpheus worked well for the rest of our track. Whereas the RE20 sounded too muffled and the SM58 was too weak. The backing vocals were also recorded with the U87 and Orpheus.

We have become quicker at setting up Pro Tools and the equipment, and having clear ideas of what we want to achieve in the session.

Improvements to be made: Use EQing a bit more, learn a few Pro Tools shortcuts so time isn’t wasted.




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