References and Ideas Playlist For Mixing

The playlist below contains songs which both Joe and I can take inspiration from to help us decide on reverb, delay, compression and stereo image ideas.

Some tracks include:
– ‘Re-wired’ by Kasabian as we like the guitar placement and the vocal sound.
– ‘The Wire’ by Haim as the kick stands out without being overpowering, something we’re aiming for.
– ‘Genevieve’ by Lucius as the stereo image is clever with the guitars and drums.
– ‘From Nowhere’ by Dan Croll because the guitar effects give the song a sense of depth and distance.
– ‘Pure Imagination’ from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as it has changes in ‘heaviness’, makes the song much more interesting.
– ‘Rearrange’ by Miles Kane as the vocals are well balanced and not lost in the lower frequencies, which could happen to us if we’re not careful. Also the reverb on the vocals is a perfect style for our tracks.



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