Mixing Session Three

First thing we did was add software EQ on a few tracks to enhance the higher frequencies.

We used our final session to properly balance the levels of the mix, something we had not done since our first session to give an idea of what need to be done to improve the track.

We then sorted out the stereo image of the track by panning on the desk the following:

  • Kick, bass and vocals = Central.
  • Luke’s guitars slightly left, Johnny’s first set are to the right, second set slightly left and right.
  • Overheads and Jonny’s guitars are panned harshly.
  • Snare top and snare bottom, slightly left and slightly right.

This was recorded in Protools.

To give the track a more open sound we added reverb across the track using the  TC Electronic Reverb 4000, setting on ‘Nice Vocal Plate’. It was quite fun playing around with the settings and hearing how different the track sounded with different levels of reverb. This was then recorded.

Finally, we used the Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier across the whole track to increase the quietest levels.

And that ended our Mixing Process. A lot was learnt and I cannot wait to apply all skills learnt on future projects.




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